Current Projects

Current Projects

I try to keep myself busy. Here's what I'm working on these days.


Nerd Nite Edmonton

Back in 2011, a partner and I brought Nerd Nite to Edmonton. The formula: nerds get on stage and share their passion, often with slides. Now, along with Tammy Slater and Lauren Albrecht, Nerd Nite is well past six season (but no movie). 


The DaveBerta Podcast

Politics all over the world is a mess. And there's no messier place for politics than the province of Alberta.

I produce the Daveberta pod along with hosts Dave Cournoyer and Ryan Hastman.


Coming Soon

I've been working on developing a new podcast for awhile. It will be born out of a radio show I used to do with a partner. We would always get off-topic and start chatting about our favourite subject: Star Trek. Yes, I think the world needs another Star Trek podcast. More to come!